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BBNA is challenging you to be recognized as a Healthcare leader not only within the profession, but also within those organizations that can help to improve the delivery of quality health care. It is our commitment to continue to serve as mentors for our future nurses.


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“Again, 2020 Campaign is designed to double and/or exceed the current membership at the local and national level. Membership dues have been reduced to encourage, motivate and spire nurses at all levels to make a difference through the  BBNA organization. BBNA on the move. Membership application and the dues must be sent in to national together. For this reason the 20 BY 20 Campaign can’t be paid online. You must complete a 2020 Application and pay your money to be paired with another member. We accept cash, checks, or credit cards (no American Express).  You may email questions to All 20 By 20 Campaign applications must be paid to Alean Nash. Please mail your completed application with dues to P.O. box.”  

Click one of the links below to download the application.

Adobe-Acrobat-Reader-32x32 BBNA Membership Application (PDF Version)
Word-32x32 BBNA Membership Application (MS Word Version)

Once you complete your application, you can make your payment online HERE.



Please note the policy change regarding NBNA student applications for membership.

1.  Each student application for membership must have a letter on school stationery and signed by Nursing Administration stating:
1)  The student is currently enrolled; and
2) Does not have an LPN/LVN or RN license.

2.  The chapter cannot forward the student application to the National Office without a copy of the Nursing School letter attached.

3.  Direct Student Applications that are sent to the National Office by the student must also have the same letter from the Nursing School attached.

4.  If more than one student from the same school is applying for NBNA membership at the same time, the school can submit one letter with the names of all students who are applying.

All BBNA students who have completed their 2021membership application must request a letter from their schools of nursing and submit to our membership chair – Dr. Tedra Smith.  All student membership applications must include a letter from the school of nursing.  All schools of nursing will be made aware of this new requirement.

If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Thank you,
Dr. Tedra Smith