From The President

I want to first thank God for this opportunity to serve as the president of the Birmingham Black Nurses Association, Inc. (BBNA) for the years 2021-2022. Thank you also to the members of BBNA for your confidence in me.

I have been in nursing for over 33 years at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Hospital. I have served in various roles: staff nurse, preceptor, charge nurse, team leader, and administrator in the absence of the nurse manager at UAB Hospital.  In addition, I have facilitated standards and policies development through the writing, practice, and approval process that guides nursing practice in the UAB Hospital Nursing Department.

BBNA was established in 1989 with a few visionary Black nurses and obtained its official charter in 1990 at the National Black Nurses Association Annual Institute and Conference in Little Rock, Arkansas.

BBNA’s mission and vision are to serve the community through available resources of the local, state, and national entities. BBNA members consist of professionally experienced and highly educated professionals who take pride in the ability to impact nursing practice and to improve health education services in the community.

As BBNA continues its involvement in the community through developing partnerships that promote educational events, grants, and health care initiatives, the members of BBNA remain privileged for the opportunity to know and interact with our community residents.

My previous service as BBNA Membership Chairperson afforded me the opportunity to be an advocate for novice and seasoned nurses. We are currently 176 strong (active nurses, retired nurses, and nursing students) in the Birmingham area.  Assisting nurses, whether novice or seasoned, to accomplish their professional aspirations through BBNA is a goal I aspire to accomplish. As BBNA’s president, I want to inspire each nurse to use their abilities to reach their potential. Resilience is an acquired talent that is achieved with years of service to the foundation of nursing. BBNA – We are resilient in making adjustments and in remaining focused during this pandemic.

I want to encourage BBNA as we expand our membership; let’s pull together to make an even greater impact in the Birmingham area. I invite all nurses and nursing students to join us as we continue our efforts to serve our community.

President, Birmingham Black Nurses Association, Inc.