Chair(s): Kimberly Barnes Ayers

The Bylaws Committee is charged with revising the BBNA bylaws to be more in line with the NBNA Bylaws.
We review, discuss, clarify, and edit BBNA bylaws to align with NBNA bylaws. 


Chair(s): Tarsha Wynn-Scott

The Benevolence Chair is responsible for overseeing the authorization and disbursement of cards and/or flowers from the local members of BBNA in acknowledgement of the loss of a loved one.  If the member or member’s immediate family member (spouse, children, siblings, parents, mother-in-law, or father-in-law) passes away, the Benevolence Chair will purchase a floral arrangement is to be sent to the BBNA member’s home or to the funeral home to represent BBNA member condolences.  All floral arrangements will have a black and red ribbon to represent BBNA.  In addition, a sympathy card will be mailed out to the family.  The floral arrangement will be purchased from an established vendor relationship with BBNA.  If the deceased family member is outside of those listed above, a card of condolence will be mailed out to member on behalf of BBNA members

Community Outreach

Chair(s):Carolyn Coleman Co-Chair: Carla Keith

The Committee shall:

The committee works collaboratively with other organizations to aid with health fairs, food, clothing, and hygiene products, along with educational opportunities in and around our various communities.

We build and maintain working relationships with other health care providers and community organizations to build better community relationships.


Chair(s): Dr. Marlena Smith

The education chair is responsible for coordinating educational activities that promote healthy behaviors and interventions that reduce disparities among its members and the community at large. Educational activities will be offered periodically throughout the year to help achieve continuing education requirements for a licensed professional nurse. For more information on our CEU opportunities, click here.


Chair(s): Taylor Washington

Finance Committee consists of President, President-Elect, President Emerita, Treasurer and Secretary. The committee considers and recommends means for securing adequate income, recommends an annual budget to the Board of Directors, advice the Board of Directors and the chapter concerning investments and other financial business. The committee prepares and presents the financial report at the end of the year to the Board of Directors, membership and to NBNA.

Health Promotion

Chair(s): Tarsha Wynn-Scott

The Health Policy Committee is responsible for promoting effective advocacy and positive change at the local, state, and federal level as it relates to health care ensuring that initiatives are in line with NBNA principles and values.   The committee will work with municipal and state agencies, non-profits, and private sector entities as wells as study and make recommendations on legislation and/or policies that effect healthcare and services to our community.  The committee will engage members in the implementation of resolutions, legislation and policy adoption that reflects the values of the NBNA.   The committee will meet quarterly or when necessary, at the call of the committee chairperson.

Chair(s): Yvette Spencer / Kimberly Barnes Ayers

Chair(s): Tanisha Leonard

Chair(s): Yolanda Holmes

African American women although not diagnosed with a higher incidence of cancer die at a higher rate. The BBNA proposes to: 1) provide culturally appropriate breast cancer and health awareness education, to encourage African American women in the Black Belt (South Western Corner of Alabama) affiliate area and Jefferson County, Alabama to have early detection and screening, i.e. mammograms (once a year if over the age of 40), clinical breast exams 2) form collaborative partnerships whereby the partners will assist with providing: a) culturally appropriate breast cancer educational material, b) breast cancer screeningV V  services, i.e. mammograms, clinical breast exams, 3) provide survivor support services to breast cancer survivors and their families. BBNA will utilize these measures in efforts to decrease the disparity of the incidence of deaths from breast cancer among African American women in the Black Belt affiliate area and Jefferson County, Alabama.

Chair(s): Tanisha Leonard

BBNA proposes to encourage INCREASING CONSUMPTION OF FRUITS & VEGETABLES ON A BUDGET (COST EFFECTIVE DIABETES PREVENTION-WE CAN’T AFFORD DIABETES). Sponsored by a Preventive Health Action Team Grant from the National Black Nurses Association, Inc. (NBNA).

Chair(s): Pat Curry

Chair(s): Javaris Polk 

Chair(s): Deborah Andrews

Alabama ranks 2nd in the nation for obesity. The BBNA proposes to change the behavior of the membership by embracing the challenge of curtailing obesity and becoming role models for the clients of whom they treat. Chapter members will walk at least three times per week; they will attend yoga classes; and adapt for their use unique healthy recipes. Sponsored by a Grant from the National Black Nurses Association, Inc. (NBNA).

Chair(s): Dr. Theresa Rodgers


The BBNA proposes to (1) assist in conducting a research study, (2) teach friends and family, and (3) do Community Outreach to teach persons in the community how to place infants when they are sleep in an effort to reduce SIDS. Freda Centor, RN, MSN at UAB Women & Infant Center states: “In 1992, the American Academy of Pediatrics released a recommendation that infants be placed on their backs to sleep in order to reduce the incidence of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). This recommendation has saved the lives of many babies, and the infant deaths attributed to SIDS have been reduced overall by half. Despite this great success, a disproportionate number of African American infants continue to die. African American babies are more than twice as likely to die from SIDS as Caucasian babies. Recent health literature suggests that the discrepancy may be due to a lack of knowledge about the life saving recommendations and/or a lack of compliance with the recommendations.

Chair(s): Attorney Carthenia Jefferson

The Birmingham Black Nurses Association Violence Reduction Committee works to help reduce violence in our communities. We do so by providing educational sessions, partnering with local, state, and national organizations to provide violence reduction information and resources. During the month of October, which is considered Violence awareness month, we work with the National Black Nurses Association, Black Women for Positive Change and Lawrence Mond Jefferson, Jr. Foundation in sponsoring a Stop the Violence Walk, Youth Stop the Violence Rally, educational workshops, and Domestic Violence awareness sessions. We encourage you to work with us to help reduce violence in our communities. For more information, contact Carthenia Jefferson at

Chair(s): Pat Lyons

Chair(s): Angela Hamby

Health Policy

Chair(s): Dr. Lindsey Harris

The committee works collaboratively with organizations and health care providers through disseminating information, initiating and supporting nursing and health legislation in Alabama and the national arena.


Chair(s): Dr. Theresa Rodgers

Hospitality and Decorations

Chair(s):Gwendolyn Parker

The hospitality committee promotes fellowship throughout the organization by connecting members with each other and recruiting members to participate in our yearly organizational events. When hosting events, members of a hospitality committee are responsible for providing food and/or beverages for the attendees and decorating the venue. Refreshments will be purchased with organization funds unless a vendor sponsors the event.

The hospitality committee greets new members, welcoming them into our organization.

Legends in White

Chair(s): Dr. Stephanie Burnett and Deborah Walker


Chair(s): Taylor Washington

The committee ensures the members and potential members have up to date membership information regarding the BBNA organization. The committee formulates ways and means of recruiting new members, aim at retaining former members and expanding membership opportunities for nurses/students throughout the State of Alabama. For more information on the benefits of being a BBNA member, click here.


Chair(s): Jennifer J. Coleman

The committee works with being a role model and mentoring to elementary, middle school, high school students, nursing students, licensed practical nurses and nurses who need assistance in the healthcare field. For more information click here.

Political Action

Chair(s): Dr. Lindsey Harris

Chair(s): Alean Nash

The committee works with making recommendations to the board for activities affecting the nursing profession.

Scholarship and Awards

Chair(s): Theresa Rodgers

The scholarship and awards committee works through establishing and preparing criteria, disseminating, and screening candidates for BBNA scholarship and awards as well as disseminating information regarding NBNA scholarships, awards, and recognitions.  The selected scholarship and award recipients are announced at chapter and NBNA appropriate annual events. For more information on our annual scholarship opportunities, click here


Chair(s): Gladys Amerson

The committee shall assist the web designer with updates to the website on at least a quarterly basis. The committee receives, reviews, and approves along with the Board, articles, and ads for posting to the website.

Publicity & Public Relations

Chair(s): Tammy Davis

Newsletter- Jennifer Coleman
Facebook- Tammy Davis
Twitter – Dr. Lindsey Harris and Lauren Smith
Audio Visual – Dr. Stephanie Barnett

The Committee shall disseminate news releases and photograph major events and important meetings. The Committee shall help the organization plan and develop marketing efforts that support the organization’s purpose and programs.

Research & Grants

Chair(s): Dr. Pamela G. Bowen

The Research and Grants Committee’s mission is to seek out funding to advance scholarship and community efforts of the organization’s members. The committee supports members in acquiring knowledge and experience to contribute to the field of nursing through research, dissemination of research, and education.