Kimberly Barnes-Ayers  BSN,RN-BC, MAEd is completing her 13 week Registered Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) certification this month.

Kimberly says “I felt the need to go through the YTT because yoga and other mind-body exercises have been instrumental in assisting me with maintaining a calmer more mindful lifestyle which in turn lead to less stress, less anxiety, and less physical discomfort.

I feel the desire to bring these tools to marginalized communities that would otherwise not experience yoga, this is why I began the journey of YTT. It has been a challenge, one worth taking and I am indeed grateful for all of those who have and continue to support me on this journey.

YTT helps me access the physical as well as non-physical aspects of myself.  In teacher training I am constantly deconstructing, revealing, and understanding more about myself and human nature.

I’m leading a yoga practice at the Bessemer Farmers Market every Saturday at 8:30 AM.

I invite you all to come out, the style of yoga that I practice is Asthana. Ashtanga yoga provides a meditative state that I find most helpful and that I find most accessible.”